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Who We Are

New Me

New Me was born out of the desire to make the concept of fitness and wellcare fun, in an inviting environment, and meeting customer objectives in an individual and professional manner.

Our motto is “Where you are, we are!” This way we meet our customers wherever they are. Be it at home, in the street, or in the place of their choice, within the timetable they have available, without the need for any training equipment, because we take care of everything.

With a team of multidisciplinary professionals, NewMe is prepared to meet all needs, whether in person or online.

Our values are:
Health – your health is the most important thing to us. That is why you came to us and that will always be our main focus.
Commitment – a value that is always present and essential in our team work. We are always by your side to help you with your workouts, clearing up any doubts and adapting our support to your physical condition.
Fun – we want you to feel happy, fun and optimistic whenever you are with us! Only then will results appear and objectives be met.
Objectives and Results – the culmination of it all – your confidence, expectation and what you set out to achieve, making our team responsible for achieving the proposed results with you, through strict planning.
Follow-up – we know that this is the strongest point of any success. We will always be close to you, following every step of your evolution and adapting your workouts accordingly.

Nuno Mendes - Founder

Hi, I’m Nuno Mendes and I’m the founder of NewMe.

I’m in my forties, married and father of two.

Sport has always been part of my life, both federated in high competition and amateur. It brought me the best moments, victories, podiums, achievements, but also the worst, a tumour! I’ll tell you about it later.

With 20 years of experience in the fitness and health area, I was connected to gyms and health clubs. I’ve been through several positions in this area: Personal Trainer, Instructor, Coordinator and Director.

However, I felt it was necessary to shorten the distance between people and exercise. The fact that I love challenges and putting myself to the test, made me drop everything and start creating something on my own, tailored to what I believed in. That’s how NewMe was born! A project, then a brand, then a company, then a family.

And as life is made of challenges, it is at that precise moment that a bigger (and much more difficult) challenge appears. A tumour, a cancer.

Although I was afraid, I was sure of one thing: I was going to do everything to get through this phase.

After surgery and treatments, the prognosis was very favourable, but I had to stay at home, closed, protected, without training, and without moving.  One more challenge…

I studied how our body works during chemotherapy treatments, how it would be if there was training, how it would react, and I decided to test it on myself, always monitored, supported by the studies that already existed in this area, and the result was… a new me!

This was the starting point for building NewMe with a focus on health, exercise and the well-being of all those who come to me.

I wait for you in my family, see you soon!

Our Team