New Me


Personal Training

Exclusivity, Privacy, Commitment and Dedication.

Your training, at your home.

Our team of accredited professionals offers personalised, high quality workouts with equipment suited to your objectives.

All planning is carried out with the student through an initial assessment.

The creation of measurable objectives, in the short, medium and long term, is essential to create a plan not only for the accompanied training sessions, but also for your daily life.


All workouts last 45 minutes and our team will come to your home and your PT aims to maximise and enhance the training so that you achieve your new self, in a gradual and sustained way.

Group Workout

Here you will find a community and a training family.
The main goal is to challenge each of the participants to create new dynamics and stimuli.
Strength, Endurance, Mobility, Overcoming, Sharing and Challenge, are fundamental characteristics of our trainings.
Each training has a capacity of 20 people, and it will be necessary to book in advance, through our App.

LOCATIONS: Belém (near Café In)



  • Mon – 7h / 19H30 (Fullbody metcon mobility)
  • Tue – 7h / 19h30 (Strenght legs)
  • Wed –  7h (Boxing*) / 19h30 (Metabolic circuit)
  • Thu – 7h / 19h30 (Upperbody mobility)
  • Fri – 7h (Metabolic circuit) / 19h (Boxing*)
  • Sat – 9h15 (Rotative)

*Boxing handwraps are mandatory to Boxing classes.


  • Monthly (free access): 53€
  • Single: 9€


70% food and 30% physical activity, this is the recipe for success.

A balanced diet and a structured plan are the fundamental basis for achieving your goals.

In all consultations, we adopt a method, which consists of the interaction between the body’s systems, and physical and psychological performance, always with a personalised analysis.

Your consultation can now be carried out in the format of a video call or in person.


The world has changed and we have kept up with it!

We live in an age, in which everything is digital and can be done through a screen. For Newme, there are no barriers or borders, and we are all over the world to support our customers, with the same rigor, discipline and professionalism.

These are the services prepared for you:

  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition